About Us


As the largest manufacturer in Australia of crayons, chalk, pastels and paint, Garnet is committed to providing a quality product, and to supplying one that provides value for money for our end market customers.

Our brands have been recognized and respected in the market place for quality, consistency, durability, and vivid colour performance.

All Garnet products are non-toxic.


Garnet manufacture crayons, chalks, pastels and paint for:

  1. Industrial markets
  1. Education markets
  1. Stationery markets
  1. Packaging markets.  

Garnet also manufactures special purpose luminescent markers for automatic docking machines.

For the education, art and more creative markets, Garnet is able to supply a full range of crayons for crayon art and associated uses.

At Garnet, state-of-the-art machines are capable of producing large quantities.  Garnet can quote on wholesale requirements and ship bulk or individual orders from their Knoxfield manufacturing plant to meet your ongoing annual requirements.